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Review: Stealing Home by Jennifer Seasons



Avon Impulse

Release Date:
April 2013

Lorelei Littleton needs money and she needs it fast. Her young niece’s life is on the line, but Lorelei’s job as a writer for a magazine isn’t going to bring her the amount of money she needs. Neither will her brother’s job. So, when baseball player Mark Cutter’s ex-wife makes her an offer, Lorelei cannot refuse. All she has to do is steal Mark’s good luck necklace.

Mark Cutter has it all – lots of women, lots of money and a great career. When he meets a beautiful woman at a local bar, he’s immediately attracted to her and takes her home. The next day, he wakes up alone and his good luck necklace is gone. He intends to track down the woman and get his property back.

When Mark finds Lorelei, she refuses to give up the necklace. She insists she needs the money, but Mark isn’t letting this go. His game is suffering without his good luck charm and the team is losing. He decides to keep her prisoner in his condo until she returns the necklace.  As they each wait for the other to crack under the pressure, they somehow become more attracted to each other.  It doesn't take long for the sparks to fly.

I’m always looking for sports romances, especially ones that center around baseball. So, when I saw this series, I jumped at it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. First, I absolutely loved the hero. Mark is a great character, but I had a huge problem with the heroine. She drugged and stole from the hero and acted like she had the right to do this. I know she wanted the money for a good reason, but she could simply have told Mark and I bet he would have given her the money.

Lorelei seemed to have a bad case of reverse snobbery. She resented everything Mark had and felt perfectly justified in taking it. I could understand it more if she had a history with Mark or if he did something to someone she knew, but he didn’t. She bought everything his angry ex-wife had to say – someone else she didn’t know. Again, if the ex-wife was a friend or someone, I could see Lorelei buying it. However, she didn’t know the Cutters personally. Then, she’s ticked off because Mark wouldn’t let her go until she gave him back his necklace. She was lucky he didn’t have her arrested – drugging and stealing are illegal. The necklace did not belong to her (or the ex-wife for that matter.)

Now, all is not lost for this series, though. Lorelei was the only character who I had a problem with. I loved all the others and I liked the author’s writing style. I plan to try the next book in the series. I bought all three at the same time, so the next two are already on my Kindle. I’m willing to give the rest of the series a chance because this author has a lot of potential and the next stories are about other characters in the series. I just needed the heroine in this one to be more likeable. The hero sure was.

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Disclosure: This is from my own Kindle library. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Lorelei sounds like someone I know, they have the right to take anything they want. Thankfully I have the right not to associate with them.

    Sounds like a good read other than that one character getting on your nerves. Glad you're giving the others in the series a chance.

  2. I am not usually much for romance novels, but this does sound interesting. I'll have to check it out. Lorelei reminds me of a couple of girls that I know too which is sad but not completely unrealistic. I am curious to know how the story ends. Great review!

  3. I agree with Briana's comments above. Excellent review, Yvonne! Enjoy your weekend. :)


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