Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: The Mysterious Doll: Amelia Moore Detective Series by Linda Weaver Clarke

Cozy Mystery


Red Mountain Shadows Publishing

Release Date:
January 2015

Amelia Moore is back with her handsome partner Rick Bonito in the fourth book in the Amelia Moore Detective Series.

Amelia is quite curious when Pauline Jones hires her to find her boyfriend, Sam Whitaker. He left without telling anyone where he was going. His departure happens to coincide with the disappearance of a valuable doll from the museum he works for. Now, he’s being accused of theft, but Pauline swears he is innocent.

Amelia and Rick’s cases have led them to many exciting and exotic locations such as Ireland, Mexico and Bali. This time the search for Sam leads to Colorado. Once they find him, he denies having anything to do with the theft. Amelia agrees to help him and try to untangle this mess. When the FBI gets involved, the detectives wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into.  Is Sam really as innocent as he claims?

As Amelia and Rick continue their search, they can’t help but grow closer all the time. Not to mention all the fun they have trying to fulfill the items on their bucket lists.

This is another wonderful addition to the series. There is no sex, violence or gore in these stories – just good clean fun. They aren’t intense, but they are clever and intriguing. These are quick reads that can be read in a couple of hours.

Although there are four books in the series, you really can read them as stand-alones. I feel they are more enjoyable from the beginning so you can watch Amelia and Rick’s relationship go from business colleagues to friends to a little bit more than that. Readers get to know them better and better with each book.

Linda Weaver Clarke never fails to entertain with her delightful mysteries. She takes us to wonderful places. Her descriptions always draw you into the action. I feel as if I just came back from vacation. I’m looking forward to the next episode of Amelia and Rick’s adventures. This should be a TV show.

For reading challenges:
Cruisin’ thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2015

FTC Disclosure: The author provided me with a copy of this book to review. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I've been intrigued by this series since you reviewed the one set in Ireland. I'm going to have to just go find it and join in the fun! I could do with a vacation!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this book so much! I've enjoyed the previous mysteries in this series a lot, and have just started reading this new one.

  3. I'd watch this if it was a tv show

  4. Blodeuedd I had that same thought as I read the review. I should see if my library has any of these.


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