Saturday, June 27, 2015

Review: Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews

Women’s Fiction


St. Martin’s Press

Release Date:
May 2015

Life isn’t easy for Greer Hennessy. It’s difficult enough in her line of work as a movie location scout, but when a disaster she couldn’t control occurs, she loses the job she loves. Now, she is hired as a location manager for the film Beach Town. Her first assignment is to locate the perfect spot for the film, but the director’s demands are not easy to fulfill. When she comes upon a small Florida town, Cypress Key, she’s convinced it would be just the place the director is looking for. A sleep-eyed town that is more than a little run down.

The only problem Greer encounters is Cypress Key’s mayor, Eb Thibadeaux. He doesn’t want a movie made in his town. He gives Greer a hard time whenever she tries to do make a deal, but there’s too much on the line for Greer and she has no intention of giving up.  It's up to her to convince the stubborn mayor that his town would profit from a movie.

To add to Greer’s difficulties, Eb’s niece is given a job working on the movie set and instantly becomes involved with the movie’s star actor and finds herself the center of TMZ reports and not in a good way. Greer has her hands full.

It doesn’t help when Greer and Eb find themselves attracted to each other. They know it’s an impossible situation but sometimes the heart just wants what it wants. They fight it as much as they can, but will the succeed? Or will their differences about the movie ruin any chance these two can have at happiness?

This is the perfect book to stick in your beach bag and relax under the sun. The characters come to life in each page – there’s a motley cast, to say the least. This story has them all from the good guys to the bad ones. They are all here. The book moved at a nice, steady pace. I felt as if I escaped to Cypress key for a few hours. Mary Kay Andrews has another winner on her hands!

FTC Disclosure: The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Ohhh this one sounds like one for me

  2. This looks fun. It reminds me of the plot of State and Main, a comedy from a few years back. Basically a movie crew takes over a New England town (Vermont, I think?)- so the setting is different, but sound like a similar arrangement. Looks like a nice summery read :)


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