Friday, January 1, 2010

Mysteryreadercafe Reading Challenge 2010

I loved this challenge last year and one that I completed. Since I love my mysteries, this was one challenge I intended to join as soon as it was posted and it was posted today! I'm excited about it. If you'd like to join, you have to do so through their Yahoo group mysteryreadercafe

Here is the challenge for 2010. Remember you need to read a different book for each one. Good luck!

2010 Mystery Reader Cafe Reading Challenge:

a.. Read a book by an author whose last name starts with the letter "B"
b.. Read a mystery set in a different country than your own
c.. Read a mystery originally published in 2010
d.. Read the first mystery in a series

My list of books...

1. The Tail of the Tip-Off by Rita Mae Brown (author with last name "B") Click for review
2. A Vicky Hill Exclusive by Hannah Dennison (set in a different country than your own)
3. Shoulder Bags and Shootings by Dorothy Howell (Published in 2010) Click for review
4. The Ghost and Mrs. McClure by Alice Kimberly (first mystery in a series) Click for review

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