Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday Salon - Trying to play catch up!

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I'm finding it so hard to catch up with my reading. I didn't think it would be so difficult after just missing a month of reading...although I did read a few before I went into the hospital. With the weather being as cold as it is here in New York, and me not really being able to go out, you'd think I'd get a lot of reading accomplished. Not quite the case though. In any case, I guess, like my recovery, everything takes time.

I decided to put together a review policy for my blog. I'm going to spend time reading others' policies and then put one together for myself. I do intend to limit the amounts of reviews I accept (something I've considered way before I had surgery). There is just not enough time in the day to review, do challenges and read whatever I'm in the mood for. So, I have to formally limit myself - otherwise I'll just accept everything. LOL

How do you all juggle your reading time?

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  1. Luckily I don't have to work outside my home, so I have plenty of time between cooking, cleaning etc. to read or whatever I feel like doing!

    I have an award for you HERE

  2. I cut down the amount of books I accept for review this year as well.

    I am blessed to only work very part-time and have young adult kids that affords me more reading time.

  3. I know I don't work, but my days are usually very busy, so I save my reading until after the girls go to bed. I normally turn the PC off by 8.30pm and then spend the rest of the evening reading, that way I don't feel guilty.

  4. I'm not working either right now, and with no children around (just a husband) I have plenty of time to do what I enjoy.

    Glad to see you back posting Yvonne.

  5. I don't accept review requests any more because I have enough of an ARC pile from last year, and I have a major problem of requesting books that I see in advance of release anyway.

    I wrote a review policy as well, and then I added a note (not too much later after composing the post!) at the top.. "Not taking requests" LOL

    I don't know how I MANAGE the review pile.. it doesn't seem I am at all.
    AAUGHHH SO I feel your pain. I just take it one book at a time and try not to stress. I read some during lunch, and then when the hubby is at work on weekends, but that also gets cut into because here I am on the computer (& attempting to keep the kids from destroying the house).
    Good luck with your reading time!

  6. This year I vowed not to take on too many arc either. Not working so far but I really mean to cut back. Honestly, I do.

    Hope you're feeling okay now and that the new year is good to you.

  7. Its bone chilling cold here in Jersey too.
    I think a review policy is a good idea, I need to make one as well.
    I try to juggle my reading time by reading during my lunch break and at night before going to bed. But on the weekends I do tend to read more since I dont have to work.

    Glad to see you posting again!


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