Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mr. and Miss Anonymous by Fern Michaels

Genre: Romance, Fiction

In order to earn money for college tuition, Peter Aaron Kelly donated his sperm to a sperm bank. Lily Madison, also desperate to earn money for her college tuition, donated her eggs to a fertility clinic. Not only would they earn the money they needed to further their education, but they were also promised that their donations would go to couples who could not have children of their own.

They meet by chance at the clinic and spend a few minutes talking about their similar situations, both Peter and Lily find the clinic odd but they had no proof. As it is, the decision to make their donations was difficult and they wanted to move on with their lives. They certainly did move on – Pete owned a successful software company while Lily was a successful clothing designer. All was well in their lives, but they still couldn’t get their college actions out of their minds. Neither one every got involved in their own romance.

Nineteen years later, Peter and Lily accidentally run into each other at an airport. They find their original attraction towards each other was still there. Suddenly a news report flashes on the airport television. A private school has been the victim of a mass shooting and the teenager accused of the murders bares a striking resemblance to Pete. When he learns the boy is an orphan, Pete and Lily are confused. Their donations were supposed to go to childless couples.

Their initial suspicions against the clinic resurface. Pete and Lily race against the clock to learn what happened at that clinic and, more importantly, what happened to their donations. Could the accused teenager really be Pete’s biological son?

This book has a little bit of everything – romance, mystery and suspense. The story is an interesting premise. I admit, I wasn’t sure I could get into it since Pete and Lily acted as if they were forced at gunpoint to donate their sperm and eggs. They weren’t. It was a choice they made to earn their college tuition. Sure, helping childless couples is noble, but if they didn’t need the money, they wouldn’t have done it. So, their agonizing at the beginning of the book was annoying to me.

Then, there was the fact that neither Pete or Lily ever had a romantic relationship and they blamed it on the clinic. Again, they made their choice and they weren’t forced. Of course both worked hard and eventually became wealthy. They didn’t ring true for me either. Even their “chance” meetings didn’t work…they knew each other for a total of 5 minutes and were instantly in love? I guess it could happen, but it was hard for me to buy.

So, the first half of the book had me debating whether or not I should continue. Then, somewhere through the middle, I became interested in the plot going on with the clinic and Pete and Lily stopped blaming everyone for their choices.

I ended up liking the characters (which I didn’t think I would) and finding the story intriguing. I’ve always been a fan of Fern Michaels, so I was initially disappointed in this, but she turned it around and left me happy I continued reading this one.

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  1. Hmm, the premise sound interesting, but the aspects that bugged you would also bother me. Still, I'll keep an eye on this one, I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end.

  2. I was shaking my head while reading your thoughts. I had the same reaction to this book. Not one of my favs from Fern.


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