Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friendship Friday 4 – Blogging Goals

I found a "new-to-me" Friday meme...It's hosted by Create with Joy. Here's the info...

Welcome to Friendship Friday – a weekend blog hop that’s designed to help you:
  • Foster friendships with other bloggers!
  • Share what’s unique about yourself and your blog!
  • Grow your blog and social media networks!
To participate, join Create With Joy on E-Mail, RSS Feed, Twitter or Pinterest – then answer the Question Of The Week, following our friendly guidelines at the bottom of this post!
Question Of The Week
What Is Your Biggest Blogging Goal Right Now?
Connecting with – and building community among -
My readers i
s at the top of my list!

My answer...

I don't have one particular blogging goal.  I just know I want to share reading interests and meet new people!

funny pictures - Teh Sooper Bowl: Eli Meowning vs. Tomcat Brady
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  1. Funny picture! I am hoping to make more bloggy pals is my goal!!! :O)

  2. Fun, friendly meme and cute photo!

  3. I think that is a fantastic blogging goal as that is one of mine as well!


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