Monday, April 30, 2012

Musing Mondays - Audiobooks

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This week’s musing asks…

Do you listen to audiobooks? If not, why not? And, if so, what has been one of your favorites, so far?

My answer...

Yes, I use audiobooks in my commute to and from work. I have a total of an hour to commute each day and I hate to waste time. I figure getting in a book is good way to spend that time.

I don't really have any favorite books, but I've found it easier to listen to light reading like chick lit type of books. I can keep my mind more on those than I can a mystery - although I do listen to those sometimes too. Another type of book that makes for a good audio are self-help type of books.

I still do prefer to actually read and not listen, but like I said, I hate to waste time in the car so why not listen to a book?

How about you? Do you listen to audiobooks?

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  1. mu commute is too short to make it worthwhile. it would take FOREVER to get through a book. actually in the car, on a long trip, is the only place they ever work for me.

  2. Great answer! I can't really listen to audio books, they always mess me up. There are definitely some good ones out there though! :)

    Here's mine:

  3. I think in the car would probably be the best place to listen to a book, but I've usually got 3 kids in the backseat of mine haha, so I don't know that that would work for me =P. Here's my MM:

  4. I've tried that, using one of Sophia Kinsella's books and I just couldn't get into it. Here's my Musing

    Cathy @ Addicted to Books

  5. I do listen to audio books, I especially like to listen to memoirs being read by the authors, it makes them so much more personally. It's like they are in the room with you relating their life stories just to you.

  6. I love audios too. I listen to lighter books in the car so I can pay attention to the road.

  7. I have yet to listen to an audio book,

  8. I love your cat pictures. I'm like you I like to listen when I am driving. Here is my MM

  9. I think I've been inspired to try audiobooks again! I've been successful with holiday books while I was baking, but I'll try a chick-lit, good suggestion!


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