Thursday, July 26, 2012

Booking Through Thursday - Reading

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This week's question...

A while ago, I interviewed my readers for a change, and my final question was, “What question have I NOT asked at BTT that you’d love me to ask?” I got some great responses and will be picking out some of the questions from time to time to ask the rest of you. Like now.

Two questions about your reading habits that just seem to go together.

GigiAnn asks:

Do you have a favorite season of the year that you read more? (Example: during snow storms, rainy weather, or sunny and warm weather) Sorry, that was the best I could come up with.

Lisa asks:

Where is your favorite place to read? On the beach? Inside/outside?

My answer...

I don't really have a season when I read more. I do read more when I'm on vacation, but the weather doesn't really effect how much I read. Although sometimes I will choose my books based on the weather. It sometimes seems strange to read a book set in a snow storm when it's 100 degrees outside. LOL But...most of the time it doesn't really matter.

My favorite place to read is inside. I get too easily distracted when I'm outside trying to read.

How about you?


  1. I agree with you, I like reading inside, otherwise I get distracted as well.

  2. I would have to agree with you about the seasons...and about places to read. I occasionally read outside, but only when it's's MY THURSDAY MEMES POST

  3. I agree with reading inside, sometimes I get too distracted outside.

  4. What stops me from reading is a reading slump. Nothing else does!!!

    Here is my BTT post!

  5. Nothing stops me from reading! My favorite place is the yard by the pool most of the year, in a lounge chair surrounded by my pets. We do not get much winter weather but when we do I like my Queen Ann chair by a window.

  6. Like you, I won't read a beach read in the middle of winter :) I prefer to read inside too.

  7. I don't really have a favorite season to read, but I would rather be reading at the beach.

  8. I don't think I read more during one season or another, it's more a matter of what is happening in life that keeps me from reading as much as I'd like. I do a lot of reading on the bus, but primarily read in the comfort and quiet of home, particularly before going to bed at night. I can read outdoors--I often do at weekly Concerts on the Square--but as others have mentioned, outdoor venues can sometimes be distracting.

  9. Hi Yvonne,

    Love the new colour scheme, although I quite used to seeing these shades on a regular basis. My sister-in-law and both her daughters love purple and mauve, so guess the colour theme over much of their house? They would think your site 'to die for' !!

    I can read outside, depending on where I am. Whether it be indoors, or out, I have to be in complete silence when I read, with no extraneous distractions. That is why I read a lot first thing in the morning, with a large mug of coffee, long before antone else is up and about!

    I certainly don't tailor my reading to the seasons or weather conditions. I have my next few books in the order they need to be read and as a rule, I stick rigidly to that sequence.

    Great fun post, thanks.


  10. Sorry about the typos ... it is 5.30am and coffee isn't ready yet!!!



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