Thursday, September 20, 2012

Booking through Thursday - Current Read

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This week's question...

Quick–what are you reading right now? (Other than this question on
this website, of course.) Would you recommend it? What’s it about?

My answer...

I know I've been reading this since last week, but I've been reading slowly the past couple of weeks.  It has nothing to do with the books I'm reading, it's about lack of reading time :(

However, this is a wonderful Southern cozy mystery.  The main character is Reagan and she's going through a messy divorce with her ex leaving her with nothing.  She has to sell her beloved designer clothes to make ends meet and ends up opening a consignment shop.  Of course every cozy mystery has to have a dead body and Reagan finds one in her ex's car.  This book will be released on October 2nd and I'll have a much better review of it (along with a giveaway.

It's a fun book and hopefully I can relax over the weekend and finish it.  Relaxing time is never easy to find, is it?


  1. I'm definitely wanting to read this one! I do love books with mystery, and also with characters who are struggling and find new ways to start over.


  2. I've been seeing this book around the blogworld quite a lot lately. I love the cover, and the story sounds interesting also.

  3. That sure sounds good. Happy reading!!

    Here is my post!!

  4. Sounds good to me, might try it.

  5. I read a couple books at the same time, so my choice this week is different from the ones I am still reading from last week!

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  7. Enjoy your reading! I hope to also find time this weekend to read and relax!

  8. My reading has slowed down a little over the last week or so because I've been so buzy. And the holidays haven't even started. Yikes. November and December is going to be fun.

  9. I am reading two books at the moment, one is in my handbag for the odd moments while waiting places. The other is next to my bed for late night or early morning reading when I can't get to sleep or wake up and do not want to go back to sleep. I want to read Iced Chiffon and the other book Duffy is writing. I love the swag Duffy sent out. I am telling everyone to look for her book.

  10. I am looking forward to read this book


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