Thursday, February 7, 2013

Booking Through Thursday - Influence

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This week's question...

Do other people influence what you choose to read? When a family member recommends something, or a friend says they hated a book you were planning to read … does it affect your reading choices?

My answer...

If it sounds like a book I'd like, I would add it to my wishlist but I wouldn't stop whatever I'm reading to read it. With reviews and blog tours, I don't often get to recommended books for awhile. However, I definitely add them to my list.

If they say they hate a book I'm planning to read, it doesn't effect my reading. I'll still read it. (Actually, I'm more likely to read a book that people are bashing just to see what the fuss is. LOL)

Reading is a very subjective thing - what's the saying? "One man's trash is another's treasure" or something like that. One person might love a book, while I hate it or vice versa. So, no, it will not stop me from reading something if it's on my list.


  1. Yes, I agree....and I also don't necessarily want to read the "hyped" books. But here's MY BTT POST

  2. I always look at recommendations...but I really do like exploring on my own. Sometimes that means trolling the library shelves, sometimes paging around goodreads...nothing in the world like finding a gem!!!

  3. I love recommendations from others. When I'm on Goodreads or Amazon I tend to look at the 2 and 4 star reviews more than the 5 star ones. I get a better feel for books that way.
    2 Kids and Tired Books BTT

  4. I like to judge a book on my own , if it appeals to me.

  5. Yes, recommendations often affect what I pick up to read, but not my ultimate opinion and thoughts about a book.

  6. I always check as many recommendations as I can, and I need the bashing and the gushing. If not bashing then no deal

  7. I'm the same way, I will usually add a recommendation to my TBR list but I never switch up my reading schedule for it. I've almost always got things planned out several months in advance, between blog tours and things like that, so there's not a lot of room for "read this right now" stuff.

  8. If it is on my list, I will read it, no matter what other people say.
    Only when I am not sure about a book, I want to hear from others what they think, so I can form a better opinion,

    kind regards,

  9. I do take book recommendations into consideration but ultimately if I like the sound of something, I'll read it.


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