Saturday, August 17, 2013

Promo: Her Master's Kiss Series by Vivien Sparx

For those of us keen to learn more about the fascinating real-life world of BDSM, one author sits at the top of every serious erotic romance reader’s list.  Vivien Sparx.

Sparx is the author of the phenomenally successful ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ series, (a total of four stories, with a fifth story rumoured to be in the making)

‘Her Master’s Kiss’ is one of the very few stories to receive acclaim from those who actually live the BDSM lifestyle! Along with several other of Vivien Sparx’s titles, her books with a domination-submission storyline have all been praised.

"Vivien Sparx is the undisputed authority on BDSM erotica!"

"As an owner of a bdsm studio I recommend my employees read Vivien Sparx because it depicts the lifestyle most accurately."
- Tiffany Borders
Chateau du Péché BDSM studio

‘Her Master’s Kiss’ is the story of a young woman named Renee who seeks out a Master so she can learn to submit to her boyfriend and hopefully save a failing relationship. But what she learns from the Master (Stefan) rocks her world and changes her forever. During the course of several days and ‘lessons’, Renee’s world is transformed.

"Kiss is the most real portrayal of a Master/sub dynamic I have read."
- Master John.
(J. Taylor, San Diego)

"Being in the lifestyle myself as a sub, I can tell you that Vivien Sparx's stories are much more realistic than most others."
- Jessica, Pittsburg

‘Her Master’s Kiss’ has been ranked as one of Amazon’s Top 500 Bestsellers consistently since first being published back in October 2012. It is one of several Vivien Sparx stories, each available exclusively from Amazon and Amazon UK.

If you’re seriously fascinated with the BDSM lifestyle, and you love erotic romance, Vivien Sparx is your must-read author.

Check it out at Amazon.

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