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Promo: The Blue Hair Club by Dan Lauria & Cathryn Farnsworth

America’s TV Dad Releases Children’s Book
Dan Lauria, star of “The Wonder Years,” teaches kids important life
lessons in new picture book

About the Book

Los Angeles, CA., August 26, 2013—Dan Lauria is best known as America’s TV Dad, having starred as Jack Arnold in the CBS award-winning show, The Wonder Years, from 1988 - 1993. Lauria recently teamed up with Cathryn Farnsworth to co-author a new series of children’s books called “The Godfather Tales.” Lauria, a long-time family friend, is the godfather of Cathryn Farnsworth’s son, Julian.

“When I chose Dan to be my son’s godfather, I knew he would be a good choice,” said Farnsworth. “However, I had no idea how amazing his relationship with my son Julian would become, and how devoted Dan would be in that role.”

Because storytelling is such a major part in Farnsworth’s parenting, Lauria began creating and telling Julian stories—and taking them to the next level—so much so that Julian began expecting original stories every night. This is how The Blue Hair Club: And Other Stories began.

“'Being a storyteller is part of an actor’s job,” said Lauria. “I wanted to use my stories to instill positive messages in Julian and share those messages with other kids. Coming up with the stories and writing the book with Cathryn was fun. It's easy to write stories for a child when you love them as much as I love Julian.”

The Blue Hair Club, with whimsical illustrations by Brandon Morino, consists of three stories that teach kids essential life lessons.

The Blue Hair Club – tells the story of a boy named Julian who is different from everyone else. This story teaches kids that it’s okay to be different and not to make fun of kids who are different from you.

The Boy Who Built a Bridge out of Carrots – tells the story of a boy named Roscoe who lived in a village with a problem. When Roscoe came up with an idea to alleviate the town’s problem using what the town had on hand, they told him it wasn’t possible. Roscoe was determined and did solve the town’s problem, making a better life for himself. This story teaches kids to have determination and to make the best of what you have.

The Story of the Sun – Takes place a long time ago when the earth was dark and only inhabited by animals. It is an inventive story about how the sun got in the sky as well as how some of the animals came to be: how the turtle got its shell, why all foxes have black mouths, how vultures got their bright red heads. This story teaches kids the value and importance of using their imaginations.

Book Details
Paperback ISBN: 9780615859248 Size & page count: 8 x10, 82 pages Price: $19.95
Pub Date: September 2013

Author Interview

1. The Moral of the Blue Hair Club is:

Don't make fun of people who are different because some day you may want to be different too. I feel kindness is a big difference in this crazy world.

"Seems to me that we have a choice to be smart and greedy or gentle and kind. I was smart for many years, I recommend kindness."

2. The story of the sun being placed in the sky is taken from an American

Indian legend that was part of the Zuni and Navajo folk lore. I changed some aspects for clarity but the basic story is part of American Indian lore. I will try to use American Indian folk tales in future Godfathertales.

3. You can get copies of THE GODFATHER TALES on line at: and on

4. Next for me as an actor: I will return to Broadway in A CHRISTMAS STORY:

The Musical based on the famous movie, A Christmas Story. My fans should not worry; I don't sing one note in the play. I'm the narrator. My character is based on the GREAT Jean Sheppard. After that, I will return to LA to be with my Godson and get ready for another season of Sullivan & Son on TBS.

Blue Hair Club on sale now!

About the Authors

Dan Lauria

Dan Lauria has appeared as a guest star in over seventy television episodic programs and more than twenty Movie Of The Week productions. He has a score of film credits which include, STAKEOUT, ANOTHER STAKEOUT, and the commercial blockbuster, INDEPENDENCE DAY and the Frank Miller production of Will Esiner’s; THE SPIRIT. Dan was also in the cult comedy: ALIEN TRESPASS. Dan is a very familiar face to the off-off, off and regional theatre scene having performed, written or directed over 50 professional stage productions. In 2010/11 Dan was seen on Broadway as the legendary coach Vince Lombardi in the long running production of LOMBARDI, directed by Mr. Thomas Kail, with the beautiful and talented Judith Light playing Marie Lombardi. Dan returned to Broadway in the 2013 production of the Tony nominated production of A CHRISTMAS STORY: The Musical directed by John Rando. However, Dan is most recognized as the Dad on
the highly acclaimed Emmy winning, ABC television show, THE WONDER YEARS. Currently, Dan can be seen as Jack Sullivan on the new TBS sitcom; SULLIVAN & SON with Steve Byrne as SON

Cathryn Farnsworth

Photographing families and capturing kids in their truest form of happiness, creativity and wonder, Cathryn Farnsworth has written many custom children's books. Cathryn creates a tale interweaving her photographs and the children's unique personalities. In 2011, Cathryn's won the award for Best Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles. She has also had the privilege of working with authors, including photographing the covers of several bestselling novels. Originally from Littleton, Colorado, Cathryn resides in Los Angeles with her magnificent son, Julian.

Brandon Morino (Illustrator)

Brandon Morino is an illustrator living in Los Angeles. With an emphasis on creating expressive character design, over the years he’s lent his skills to many major publications, including The Hollywood Reporter and the Los Angeles Daily News; companies such as Citibank and DimensionU; public relations firms like MS&L and Cerrell Associates; and published works including “Skye the Troll” by Apryl Skies, “Che: The Lost Diaries” by David Carte, and his own self-published title “The Big H”. Brandon is a “Mac” guy, enjoys Tabasco sauce on (nearly) everything, and is a taco aficionado par excellence.


  1. Yvonne, this sounds like a fun book for children and adults. Very nice presentation, Yvonne! :)

  2. Such a cute book, with a wonderful lesson. Thanks for sharing.


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