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Review: Masked Ball at Broxley Manor by Rhys Bowen

Historical Mystery



Release Date:
October 2, 201

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A delectable prequel to the national bestselling Royal Spyness mysteries featuring Lady Georgiana Rannoch—thirty forth in line to the throne, and England’s poorest heiress.

At the end of her first unsuccessful season out in society, Lady Georgiana has all but given up on attracting a suitable man—until she receives an invitation to a masked Halloween ball at Broxley Manor. Georgie is uncertain why she was invited, until she learns that the royal family intends to marry her off to a foreign prince, one reputed to be mad.

When the prince, dressed as the devil, rescues her from an embarrassing situation at the ball, Georgie is surprised to find her unwanted suitor to be a dashing, charming man—especially when he pulls her aside and gives her the kiss of a lifetime. But as the time comes for the unmasking, Georgie’s rescuer vanishes and the party is thrown into chaos, making it clear that everything at Broxley Manor is not as it appears…

My Review

When Lady Georgiana Rannoch is invited to a Halloween ball at Broxley Manor, her family cannot understand why. It’s not long before she finds out that the royal family plans to see her marry a foreign prince.

At the masked ball Georgie dances with the prince, who is dressed as the devil, and finds herself attracted to him. As soon as the unmasking begins, Georgie’s devil vanishes. Then, bedlam breaks out at the ball. Georgie can’t help but wonder what is really going on at Broxley Manor.

I haven’t been wanting to read this series for a long time, but I don’t usually read historical fiction. I’ve heard so many great things about this series by Rhys Bowen. When I saw my library had the prequel to download, I had to get it. I figured a short prequel would be the perfect way to see if I’d like this series. I was right. Not only was it a great intro to the series, but I loved it.
It was a different take on mysteries for me becasue of the setting. Going out of my comfort zone genre didn’t hurt me at all. In fact, just the opposite. It drew me right in and made me want to read more.

It’s a quick read that just takes a couple of hours, but is a wonderful derversion and a nice book to read between longer reads. It may be a short book, but the characters are well-developed and the mystery keeps you hooked. Another series to add to my list.

Disclosure: I borrowed this ebook from my library. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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