Thursday, May 7, 2020

Friendly Fill-Ins - May 7th

This meme is hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and  15andmeowing. Each week they will post four fill-in statements.

Another fun friendly fill in Friday!

Now, here are my answers to this weeks fill ins...

1. I just finished reading a really good book.  The House that Vanity Built - review will be up at the end of the month.

2. I am hoping to start another one soon.

3. My cats happily eat what I put in their bowl is my idea of success. There's been many times I had to open up several different cans before they ate something. Even though I'd be giving them cans they always love. Sometimes they can be fussy.

4. When I can’t sleep, I read. I figure why waste time doing nothing but tossing and turning?


  1. Our human feels the same way abut #3. It's always an adventure to see if we will eat what she offers or, if we give her a withering look, turn our back on her and sashay away from the food dish!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto & The Tribe at Feline Opines

  2. Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Your answers are fantastic, and I know exactly what you mean with #3. Especially my calico Tonks will ask for food, and then will make me open multiple cans before she accepts one. I work for them. Well wishes!


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