Monday, September 7, 2020

Review: Killer Spring Fling by Mollie Cox Bryan

Cozy Mystery


Release Date:
July 26, 2020

Synopsis from Amazon:

Welcome to Victoria Town, Va., the town that time almost forgot—until it became a huge tourist attraction for lovers of all things Victorian.

Spring is a busy time in the quaint Victoria Town, with the town getting ready for the popular Spring Fling. Viv Barton is busy helping her aunt prepare the Sweet Victoria B & B for the festivities. At 28, Viv is settling in bucolic town, eager for a new life, though she's unsure what that is. As a newcomer, Viv's still finding her place. One of her favorite pastimes is walking through the expansive old cemetery early mornings. Until one morning...when her favorite haunt becomes a dead zone. Stumbling over a dead body was not in the plan.

Viv can't shed the memory of the woman's face or the strange trinkets placed around her body. When it seems the local police don't have much to offer the investigation, Viv uses her gaming skills to piece together a curious puzzle leading her down a dark, twisty, and dangerous path.

My Review

It’s Spring Fling time in Victoria Town, Virginia and Viv Barton is all set to help her aunt prepare her B&B for the tourists. Viv’s career has come to a standstill. She’s hoping to start over in Victoria Town, but when she takes a leisurely stroll through an old cemetery, she discovers a dead body. Not a buried dead body, but one surrounded by items from a video game.

Viv can’t get the image of this dead body out of her mind, especially when she learns the identity of the dead woman. Viv’s experience with games could do more to help in the investigation than anything the police can do.

This is the first book in the Victoria Town mystery series. It’s off to an interesting start. This has the potential to be an intriguing series with a wide array of interesting characters. Some are quirky and some are even creepy, but the author makes them come to life on each page.

Killer Spring Fling is a novella so it goes by fast. It makes a quick afternoon read. My one complaint is that the book could use some better editing. At one point, one of the main characters had a different name. It was quite jarring to me and took me right out of the story as I went back to see if I missed something or that it was a different character. However, it was the same character and just an error in the editing.

I’ll definitely continue with this series. There was a teaser for book #2 at the end and it sounds like a good read for Halloween. I’ll be looking for it.

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  1. If this little town existed I would be there. Love going to small towns and staying in historical B&Bs. Sounds like a cute series!


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