Monday, June 28, 2021

Review: The Beach Spa, Book #2 by Jessie Kelley

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June 22, 2021

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Everything is falling into place for Laurie Abrams.  After her husband’s sudden death, she sold her home and cafe.  She then purchased her own beach spa resort on Gasparilla Island and now she’s ready to open for business.  Laurie will do beauty consultations as well as making her own body lotions.  This is a dream come true, but she’s really nervous and not feeling very secure in her new surroundings at all.

With the help of a close friend, she gets things going.  However, she discovers there are a few mysteries to be solved.  Not to mention that she fears she will not make her new venture work.

This book picked up right where the first one left off.  Reading this series in order is a definite must.  I enjoy reading Laurie’s journey from despair to possible success.  I say possible because she’s not quite there yet and this series is a continuing one.

I adore Laurie and I think I would be feeling the same doubts she feels.  However, she does have a great support system.  What I really like is that she’s so realistic.  Who wouldn’t feel insecure in opening a spa resort of their own for the very first time?  I see Laurie’s growth with the first two stories and I’m looking forward to more.

There are some mysterious elements to this series.  As a fan of continuing stories, this one has really grabbed my attention.  I cannot wait to read the next installment.  These are very short books.  It’s the perfect summer time read.

Disclosure:  I borrowed this one from the Kindle Unlimited library . All opinions expressed are my own.

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