Sunday, June 20, 2021

Review: Cats and Catnapping by Julia Koty

About the Book

Cozy Mystery


Busstop Press

Release Date
March 22, 2021

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Mira Michaels finally calls her old life quits. She moves out of her psychic sister’s house and is on the road to her new life. Her trip to Pennsylvania starts simply, even if her cat, Arnold, can’t stop backseat driving. She refuses to accept that she can hear his kitty voice, until the radio refuses to work. Then, at a rest stop she witnesses a catnapping of the sweet kitty that Arnold has a crush on. Mira promises to chase the catnapper across the northeast and find the cat’s owner all before she must meet her realtor at her new house. Antics ensue.

My Review

Mira Michaels has had enough!  She leaves her sister’s home and moves to her own in Pennsylvania.  She only has her her cat, Arnold, for companionship.  The strange thing is that Arnold can communicate with her.  Only Mira can hear his voice, but Arnold has quite a bit to say!

During their road trip to Pennsylvania, Mira and Arnold run into another kitty human with her beautiful cat, Oksana.  They are on their way to a cat show in Pennsylvania, but Mira and Arnold witness a catnapping at a rest stop.  They are determined to help the Oksana’s human but she doesn’t believe there was a catnapping.  Mira and Arnold know what they saw and they vow to bring Oksana back to her human and, of course, Arnold.

This short cozy mystery had me laughing.  Arnold’s voice to Mira felt real to me.  I could see my kitties saying those things to me and being very condescending.  So much fun in this mystery-filled novella.  

There are no dead bodies in this cozy mystery.  Just a quick, clean mystery that I’m happy to say has more volumes to it.  I can see this series is going to be my own personal catnip fun.  I’m looking forward to reading the next one in this series.

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Disclosure:  I borrowed this one from the Kindle Unlimited library . All opinions expressed are my own.

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