Saturday, October 14, 2023

Review: Hexes and Hooligans by Elizabeth Pantley

About the Book

Cozy Mystery


Better Beginnings, Inc.

Release Date
September 15, 2023

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Would you join a book club that gets sucked into their cozy mysteries? These people did, and now they are hooked on traveling into books to become the amateur sleuths!

The book selection of the month takes the club into a charming and idyllic world of gnome-like people who love the earth, celebrating, and honey. What they don’t like is the mysterious ailment that is turning students at the local college into hideous versions of themselves.

The timing is terrible, as it coincides with the upcoming Honeybee Moon Festival, the community’s biggest celebration of the year.

The event is only a week away. Can the motley group determine what’s causing the students’ transformations, stop it from spreading, and get them back to normal? They better, since it’s the only way they can exit the book and get back home to Colorado.

My Review

My favorite book club is back for another adventure into a cozy mystery novel.   The quirky book club members are back, and they are all in top form.  Of course, my favorite is the handsome Siamese kitty, Frank.  He’s always ready with some snarky comments.

This time the gang heads to Wundertrundle College set in a small town with happy gnome-like people.  Unfortunately, many are not happy as they are suddenly coming down with a mysterious disease which turns them into terrible versions of themselves.  This all happens just as the Honeybee Moon Festival and pageant is about to begin.  The contestants can’t compete looking as they do.  

The Magical Mystery Book Club members are prepared to help out.  They will do all they can to figure out what is happening and how to stop it.  The book club has no choice but to solve the mystery.  If they don’t, they cannot go back home.  It’s all part of the book club rules.  They must see the story to the end.

I always look forward to this series and was pleasantly surprised to find this “in between” book available with the author’s newsletter for free.  The premise of book club members actually being transported into a book is unique to me.  The dialogue and friendship of the gang flows so naturally.  They are always making me laugh with their antics.  Each one comes to life on each page.

The story is fast paced with a surprise ending.  Such a fun way to spend an afternoon.  I can’t wait for the next one.

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Disclosure:  This one is from my own e-book collection. I received it as a freebie through the author’s newsletter. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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