Thursday, September 18, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

This week's question:

Autumn is starting (here in the US, anyway), and kids are heading back to school–does the changing season change your reading habits? Less time? More? Are you just in the mood for different kinds of books than you were over the summer?

My answer:

I don't have kids, so that part doesn't effect me, but I do find my reading moods have changed. I'm already putting together books I want to read for October that have a more Halloween feel - not necessarily specifically geared for Halloween, but books of a paranormal nature. Then in November, I'll start putting together holiday type books. Usually when January comes I like to read books that have a "stranded in a blizzard" type of mood. LOL In the summer I do tend to read books that are set in a summery time. So, I guess my moods go along with the season.

As for reading time, I'm a huge baseball fan and for me (a Yankee fan) there won't be baseball to watch in October, so that will give me more reading time. Although, I'm also a couch potato and all the new TV shows are returning. So, I guess it's give and take.


  1. I guess Yankee fans should find a book to read. Don't hate me; my team is the Marlins so I have plenty of books! lol

  2. It's always good to change up our book selections every once in a while, I'd have to say I'd be more inclined to read a certain book because of a holiday coming rathern than a season. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. We're Yankee fans in our house, too... Can't win them all. :-/ Enjoy your reading!

  4. I don't have kids myself, but my brothers still go to school, so I get an idea of how "time" flows based on their schedules. But as I mentioned, it really doesn't matter :D

    Baseball isn't really big here hehe.

  5. I like your seasonal reading- sounds like fun. I read the same things all year round, more or less, but I like your approach too!

  6. Wow. That's amazing! I've never known anyone who seasonal reads like that!

  7. Unfortunately for me, there seem to be more TV shows I want to watch this season . . . My reading isn't really impacted by the seasons. I read the same types of books year round and I can't say my reading increases or decreases in any noticeable pattern (other than when I go on vacation--and that varies from year to year time wise).

  8. My books are always "Halloween" fare. :)Hehe.

    I posted my answer here.

  9. Mood is what I go where ever it take me, I follow it...

    When I read that you are a baseball fan, I was going to suggested you to read Kate Angell's baseball books. But I notice on your Shelfari shelf that you got it already LOL ! Have you tried Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Chicago Stars series? It football book but more in the contemporary romance. If you like to read sport, then Susan Elizabeth Phillips would be one of the authors I would read *grin*...

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you have a good Thursday and weekend ahead!

  10. I'm starting to read more ghost stories and horror books as Halloween approaches. I LOVE a good scary story to read at that time of year ;0)


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