Thursday, November 19, 2009

Killing Bridezilla by Laura Levine

Genre: Mystery, Chick Lit

Laura Levine is back with another Jaine Austen mystery. I love the Jaine Austen series. They are good for a few laughs. They are sort of a cross between chick lit and cozy mysteries.

In this one, Jaine is hired by a former high school classmate, Patti Devane, to write wedding vows for Patti’s wedding. These aren’t just ordinary wedding vows, though. Patti is planning to turn her wedding into a Shakespearean production complete with Patti as Juliet and her fiancĂ©, Dickie, as Romeo.

Patti had always been one of the “cool” girls in high school and Jaine…well, she wasn’t. Jaine had always been the target of their cruel jokes. Things haven’t changed much over the years, Patti is still the spoiled brat and is now a spoiled Bridezilla, incurring everyone’s wrath including her own mother. So, it’s no great surprise when Patti doesn’t approve of anything Jaine writes and constantly calls for rewrites.

To make matters worse, Jaine is obligated to accept Patti’s invitation to the wedding, if she wants to collect her $3,000 fee.

The wedding turns into a huge fiasco when Jaine is taunted by her old high school classmates into bringing her fiancĂ©…a Frenchmen who happens to be a neurosurgeron. The problem is, Jaine doesn’t have one of those and where is she going to find one on such short notice?

The event ends when Patti (aka Juliet) plunges off the balcony to her death. Jaine immediately realizes that this is no accident. Someone put them all out of their misery by “Killing Bridezilla”, but who? There’s certainly a long line of suspects, with Jaine being on the list as well.

The book takes a few twists and turns giving the readers a run for their money, not to mention a few laughs along the way. I completely enjoyed this one. The personalities of each character come through each page so clearly. I feel like Jaine is an old friend of mine. The next book is Killer Cruise, but I’m waiting for the paperback edition to be released. It looks like another good one.

I’m also giving this the Socrates’ Good Book Alert Medal.

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