Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Musings - Making time to read

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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about making time to read...

Do you have to carve out time in your day for reading (due to work and other obligations), or does your reading just happen naturally? (Question courtesy of MizB)

My answer...

Yes, absolutely - I'm always trying to find time in the day to read and there's never enough! I try to read a little before I go to work, then at lunch time, then just before I go to sleep. It's hard juggling a full time job with my TV and computer addictions. If I cut down on TV and going online so much, I could fit in much more reading time, but I like to do everything. LOL

So, how do you find the time to read?

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  1. let me just say, I love the "you're just fluffy"

    Making time for reading...I blame the Evil Boob Tube for a lot of time wasting. Time better used for reading.

  2. You're 100% correct, Caite and yet I can't stop myself. LOL In the "olden" days there would be nothing on during the summer and I could catch up then, but that's not the case anymore.

  3. Whenever my husband hints that I should make my part-time job full-time, I tell him I have too many books to read! LOL. I am fortunate I only have to work part-time.

  4. its the same with me, I try to fit in some reading time whenever I can.

  5. I feel worse. I am a stay at home mum with both kids at school and I still don't get time to read during the day. I am always busy!


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