Monday, May 24, 2010

Never Let You Go by Erin Healy

Genre: Christian Fiction, Suspense

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: May 2010-05-23

Seven years ago Lexi Solomon’s family was hit by tragedy. Her sister was brutally murdered, her father had a mental breakdown and her husband walked out on her on the very same day. Lexi was left to raise her daughter alone while she juggled two jobs just to make ends meet.

Lexi is barely hanging on when she’s thrown another curve. After all these years, her sister’s murderer is being released on parole and her estranged husband returns. An old business associate of her husband also re-enters her life, but he’s threatening to destroy everything she has left unless she pays off her husband’s debts.

When her daughter’s life is threatened, Lexi puts all her own feelings aside to protect the young girl. It doesn’t take her long to realize she can’t do this on her own. She needs the help of her family, as well as some strange outside forces, to keep her daughter safe.

This is Ms. Healy’s first solo book. Previously she co-authored books with author Ted Dekker. I’ve never read her books before, but this was a captivating read. It was filled with suspense, mystery, romance and a few chills along the way. This book even had a touch of paranormal tossed in to make this one of those books you won’t want to put down until you find out how it all ends.


  1. It does sound good, though I struggle with the idea of Christian fiction.

  2. I kind of struggle with the same thing Vivienne does

  3. I'm not a big reader of Christian Fiction either, but this was pretty good.

  4. This sounds very good, I've read Ted Dekker before and enjoyed it.

  5. I liked the way it is written. Erin can sure hod our interest throughout!

    Here is my review of:

    Never Let You Go by Erin Healy


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