Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Salon - Wrapping up my Week!

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Well, sometimes the unexpected happens and messes up your life...even if it's temporary. I feed stray cats that hang around my house and one scratched me giving me an infection in my foot. My foot blew up and I was running a high fever. The fever is down and, I think, the swelling might be down too but the pain is horrible. So, that's why I've been MIA for the past few days. I'll be blogging sporadically, but I haven't even felt like reading or doing anything. So, I've been behind on just about everything.

I'm still reading Under Witch Moon by Maria E. Schneider which was supposed to be my Halloween read, but thanks to the injury, it's taking longer than I would have liked (although it's an excellent book). I pretty much just lay around and watch TV these days.

Anyway, that's my week in review...such as it is...


  1. Sorry to hear about the sore foot. Hope it heals quickly and you feel better soon!

  2. That ungrateful bugger! Have you been to the doctor, I hope? As a stray, I'd get it checked out:( Hope it heals quickly.

  3. Unexpectged things happening to mess up your routing. I can sympathize. Hope the foot improves and the fever disappears.

  4. Ouch, so sorry about your foot. Fell better soon

  5. You definitely need to be careful with a cat scratch, Yvonne! My dad was scratched last year and ended up having to go to the hospital because of the infection...

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Yes, I'm under a doctor's care and he's trying to keep me from having to go to the hospital, but it's a possibility. The swelling seems to be going down (I'm not sure if it is or if it's wishful thinking.)and my temperature has been normal since yesterday.

  7. Oh you poor thing! Keep the circulation going to that foot and feel better soon. Naughty kitty!



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