Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Salon - It's a blizzard!

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We're under a blizzard warning here and it's already started snowing. We're supposed to get between 14 and 18 inches of snow. Yikes! The first storm of the winter is really going to be a big one.

So, what am I doing today? Besides boring laundry, I'm in search of more reading challenges to join. I went from not wanting to participate in any next year to joining everything that gets my interest. LOL I really should be doing some reading, but I'm easily distracted these days.

I did manage to get some reading in this week...I finished Simple Intent by Linda Sands, which was very good. I finished listening to Boardwalk Empire by Nelson Johnson. A really indepth look at how Atlantic City was born right to present day. I'm interested in this type of thing since we go to Atlantic City a few times a year. It made for good listening on my way to work.

I, also, finished a Harlequin Blaze "Under Wraps" by Joanne Rock. I'll have a review later. It was good.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day organizing my challenges...both joining a couple more and listing the books I'm planning to read for each challenge.

With almost 2 feet of snow on the way, I'm hoping to get some reading done, too. Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. OMG ..I could have written this post. On 1st snowfall as well, and blizzard conditions as well, PLUS, I said NO Challenges for me in 2011, and I've already eyed 5 I can't resist......are you my soul-mate? LOL

  2. were getting alot of snow here too.
    happy reading! my romance reading challenge post will be up this week if youre interested :)

  3. Diane - I have no idea what makes these challenges so addicting, but they really are.

    Naida - Yep, I'm definitely interested. I've been waiting for it :)

  4. Take care in the snow storm now. Stay in, be warm and read more books :) And find some awesome challenges

  5. Oh, I hope you weather the blizzard without too much trouble!

    Love the cat picture...LOL

    I've been organizing my reading challenges, too. Haven't chosen the books yet, except on one.

    Here's my Salon:

    (click on my name)

  6. I've decided for the time being to pass all challenges. It stresses me to have to try to read a certain amount of books by a certain time. So for a few months I thought I would give the challenges a break. LOL.. we'll see.

  7. Oh no! Hope you stay toasty and warm while the snow is falling. At least laundry (although boring) will help with that! LOL

    I hate the snow. So glad we don't get much here where I live....

  8. I was just watching the blizzard in th east on the news. Hope it is not as bad as they forcast.

    I've got laundry to do as well, but have been reading instead!

  9. Be safe, warm and cozy. I pray there are no power outages. I heard about the blizzard in the NE, Detroit has been very lucky so far this year. Storms all around us but nothing major here.
    Eat lots of junk food and enjoy!


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