Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Triplet’s First Thanksgiving by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Genre: Romance
Format: EBook
Publisher: Harlequin American Romance #1325
Release Date: October 2010-12-04

The McCabes of Laramie, Texas are known for their love, warmth and huge family. When Kurt McCabe finds three babies on his doorstep, with a note asking him to make them part of his family, he doesn’t know what to think. He didn’t know if these girls were his, but he planned to find out. Until then, he would care for the triplets as if they were his own, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. The biggest family holiday of the year.

Pediatrician Paige Chamberlain wants to be a mom and decides the best way for her to accomplish her goal is with the help of an infertility clinic. In the meantime, she applies to be a foster mother and her application is accepted. Her first chance to be a mom is for the triplets that were left with the McCabes.

Kurt and Paige have known each other since childhood and have never gotten along very well. They were too competitive and things haven’t changed now that they are adults. For the sake of the children, they put aside their differences to give the triplets all the love and attention they need. They quickly discover that it’s not an easy task caring for three babies at once, but together they do their best as well as with the help of both of their families.

One thing neither of them expected was to not only fall in love with the babies, but with each other as well. They try to fight their hopes and dreams of becoming one big family, at least until they find out if Kurt is the biological father of the children and if he has any rights at all. They prepare themselves in case they are met with the biggest disappointment of their lives.

I loved this story! I always love holiday stories and I haven’t read a Harlequin in awhile. I forgot how powerful they can be. This is the perfect holiday story. It’s a quick read and leaves you with that “feel good” feeling.


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