Monday, March 5, 2012

Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis



Berkley Sensation

Release Date:
February 2011

Synopsis from Fantastic Fiction:

Co-owner of the town's only kennel, Lilah Young has lived in Sunshine, Idaho, all her life. Pilot-for-hire Brady Miller is just passing through. But he soon has Lilah abandoning her instincts and giving in to a primal desire.

It's Brady's nature to resist being tied down, but there's something about Lilah and her menagerie that keeps him coming back for more.

My thoughts...

I've always loved Jill Shalvis' books and this was no exception. The characters are portrayed very realistically and are quite a bit of fun. I instantly fell in love with the hero Brady and even his two adoptive brothers caught my attention. They have their own books, which I will eventually get around to reading.

The book is fast-paced and an enjoyable read. I fully intent to read the next two books in the series. A huge plus for me is that the book involves several different types of animals.

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Disclosure: I downloaded this book from my library for my own enjoyment. All opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds like a nice series. Glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Sounds good and who would not love that cover :D

  3. I just got this but haven't read it yet. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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