Thursday, May 31, 2012

Booking Through Thursday - DIY

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This week's question...

If you could write a book, what would it be about, and why? (Though, of course, some of you already HAVE.)

My answer...

Mine would be a fiction book and it would be a cozy mystery. Mainly because it's the genre I love and know the best. I've already begun one and just need to make the time to sit down and write. In the past I've written romances (nothing published), but I've switched my favorite genres :) I always think you should write what you know the best.

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  1. I think writing a mystery would be fun but hard: hiding all those clues in a fair way. I love reading mysteries though, and I once heard someone say something to the effect that all good fiction contains a mystery (a question that keeps the reader reading until the end).

  2. Good for you!! When it is completed, maybe you will let us review it. That would be great!!

  3. I totally agree...we should write about what we know, and in the genre we love. Cozy mysteries are so "you"! Enjoy!!

    Here's MY BTT POST

  4. A mystery sounds like a tricky book to write but fun! I agree with people writing what they know best or what they enjoy most. Hope you get the time to finish it :)

    Here's my BTT post :)

  5. I enjoy cozy mysteries, and would gladly read your book. Best of luck.

    Oh, I know that cat expression.

  6. Yeah, that's good advice, writing what you know. And reading a certain genre is a great way to get a feel for it. I think I'd write a bunch of science fiction because then I could make up whatever I wanted and not have to fact check!

  7. it's true that they say write what you know :)
    best of luck with your writing. let us know when you get that done!

    here's mine to hop on over to if you have the time:

  8. I love mysteries, one of my favorite kind of books.

  9. A new cozy mystery author in the making! Let us know when it's done. I'll be doing mysteries too...

    Here's my BTT

  10. Write on! I look forward to featuring your cozy mystery on my blog! :)

  11. I gonna read/review your cozy mystery!

    Here is my BTT post!

  12. Writing what you know about is half the battle.

  13. I have a fabulous cozy mystery I am writing but I will not tell! It involves all the best elements of a mystery, scenery and comfortalbe charachaters.

  14. I do think that would be the best genre for you :D


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