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Finishing the Series Reading Challenge 2013

I decided to host this challenge again, even though I made no headway at all last year with it. LOL Still, I love series books and I really need to catch up. I hope some of you will join in with me. Here's the info...

It's a challenge for all those series books you started at some point and haven't finished. I know I'll start a series and read the first book, then get distracted with other books and never get back to the series. Before I know it, the series has 10 books - I get overwhelmed and don't go back to it. Now, I want to finish a couple.

Here are the rules guidelines.

1) All books that are part of a continuing series qualify (i.e. Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove, Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, James Patterson's Alex Cross, etc. etc.)

2) It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 10 books in a series to complete it, it qualifies (i.e. if you only need to read one more Sookie Stackhouse book to complete the goal, that's fine) The goal is to complete a series from wherever you are up to until the last published book.

3) The qualification period is January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. Books must be read during this time frame to count.

4) Take the button above and post about it. Use the Mr. Linky below to sign up and make sure you link it directly to your post about this challenge. (Note: I'm not going to be using the Finishing the Series Blog I created last year. I'm going to keep everything here.)

5) If you don't have a blog, that's fine. Just leave a comment to sign up and tell us what you are reading.


6) Any format of book counts - audio, ebook, etc.

7) You should choose the series you want to finish before the challenge begins, but it isn't necessary. It's fine to change series during the year - as long as you complete whichever series it is.

8) Choose a level....

Level 1 - Complete 1 series.
Level 2 - Complete 2 series.
Level 3 - Complete 3 or more series.

I'm going to try for Level 2 again. These are the two series I plan to read...

1) Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove (I need to read 3)
1022 Evergreen Place
1105 Yakima Street
1225 Christmas Tree Lane

2) Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum (I need to read 4)
Sizzling Sixteen
Smokin' Seventeen
Explosive Eighteen
Notorious Nineteen

Sign up link...

Completed reviews link...

Wrap up posts link...


  1. Level 3 for me:
    Charley Davidson series (#2, #3, #4)
    Gray Whale Inn series (#3, #4)
    Reigning Cats and Dogs series (#7, #8, #9)

  2. Yvonne,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this challenge again! I'm shooting for "13 in '13" - I really count on this challenge to help me finish my favorite series, instead of being distracted by starting new ones!

    Speaking of starting new series: I'm pleased to see Jane list #3 & 4 of Gray Whale Inn series - it must be a good series, for Jane to continue it. I'm looking forward to starting that series next year.

  3. Thanks for hosting again, Yvonne!

  4. Thanks for hosting. I'll try to finish 3 series next year.

  5. Thanks for hosting again! Hoping to do better in 2013 than I did in 2012 haha

  6. I signed up to finish one series but may work on 2 or 3 others. I found many new authors in 2012 and hope to have time to read everything that they published.

  7. Great challenge idea! I'll post my sign-up post in the next day or two and link up then. In the meantime, I have a question: If a series isn't finished being written yet, does reading all the books that are out so far count as finishing a series?

    1. Yes, if you've finished all the books that have been published in a series, that counts.

  8. Thanks for hosting -- Over Thanksgiving, I decided to read books 2-5 of THE MISSING series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Our 5th grade book club reads book 1 (Found) but we never read the rest. Now that series is done, I'm looking around to see what other series I want to finish in 2013.

  9. I chose Level #3.

    1. Debbie Macomber: Blossom Street

    2. Jan Karon: Mitford

    3. Thomas Kinkade: Cape Light

  10. Hi, I just signed up for this. I haven't decided which series to finish I've started so many series recently and wish to finish, as I have been unable to find some of the books I need to finish. I chose Level 1, but if possible, I may try to finish more than one. Is it OK to do that?

  11. I'm joining in for Level 3:

    1. Monica Ferris - Needlecraft Mysteries (book #6, 7,8,9,10,12,15,16)

    2. Carolyn Haines - Sarah Booth Delaney series (book #11, 12)

    3. Betty Hechtman - Crochet Mystery (book #5, 6,7)

    yvonne H.

  12. Level 3 for me. Posted on my blog!

  13. Level 3 for me. I finished 5 series last year so I should be able to do 3 this year.

  14. I'm going for Level 3. Let's hope I can do it! Thanks for hosting!

  15. I did pretty awful in last year's challenge, so I'm playing it safe and signing up at Level 1. But I'm really glad you're hosting this again -- thanks so much!

  16. I'm staring at Level 1. Reading High Hurdles. Books 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, by Lauraine Snelling.

  17. Love this challenge...I did it last year and it really motivated me to finish 3 series I've been wanting to read for a while. I'm going for 3 again this year! Thanks for hosting!

  18. Level 3 for me. I have several series that need finishing!

  19. Hi Yvonne! I'm with you again for mysteries, in addition to the animal one and this, I'm sure! If you'd rather not change an URL later, I'll join when I have a moment to garner another combo sign-up post. :) Happy new year to all here! ~Carolyn~

  20. Hi! I am ready to begin the challenge. I posted my link on Mr. Linky and I am putting the button on my blog. In my post I listed the three series I want to finish this year! Gook Luck to everyon.

  21. Thank you for hosting! I'm going with Level 2 and I'm going to try my darnedest to finish the Alex Delaware series (21 books *gulp*) and the Divine series by PC Cast. Oh boy!

  22. I'm in and I'm signing up for level 2

  23. Thanks for hosting! I'm signing up for level 5.

  24. Hi.

    I don't know if I am doing this right but I have linked some books to "Completed reviews link..." they are part of the series I am reading.

  25. I read Interview with Vampire sometime back and never completed it, this year this is my challenge to complete all 12 books in the series. This will take some time, so I am up for Level 1 now.

  26. Hello everyone, from Carolyn! Where do you stand on ownership versus acquisition? Example, I don't do e-books or borrow. I buy (used) what I'm going to read in the next 5 years! hehehe

    Is this mission to finish series pieces we own? Is it to acquire volumes published reasonably before December 2013? Thank you. :)

  27. I have actually finished Sookie Stackhouse, Lemony Snicket and The Hunger Games. But I just need to get onto those reviews. :) Thanks for hosting.

  28. Wahoo I finished 2 series that I planned to finished this year :-)

  29. Ok, I've edited my post form last year to include the series i finished this year.

  30. I finished two series fully. Additionally I declared Erika Chase's done. Her third volume came out a fair way through the year but the real point is: I can't bear to purchase any more. Juliet Blackwell's "Tattered & Torn" was released even later and I've been unable to buy it. I will procure it as soon as I can. Yours Truly, Carolyn.

  31. Hi Yvonne. I have put up the first post I planned and made it before the end of the year. What I want to know is, when I review the other two series I read in 2013, do I post the links here or in the 2014 challenge? Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Kate,

      If the reviews are for the 2013 challenge, then they should go to the links here.

      Happy New Year!


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