Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review: Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews

Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction

Macmillan Audio

Release Date:
June 2012

Annajane Hudgens returns to Pascoe, North Carolina for the wedding of her ex-husband, Mason Bayless, to the beautiful Celia. She has no problems attending the wedding since they were divorced several years ago and she is now engaged to a wonderful man. She is planning to leave town with her fiancĂ© in the very near future, with a new job and a new life. She’s very much over Mason…or so she thinks.

When Mason’s five year old daughter is stricken with appendicitis before the wedding vows can be exchanged, Annajane realizes that maybe her feelings for Mason aren’t a thing of the past. Perhaps this could be a second chance for them.

For years Annajane worked for the Bayless family-owned company, Quixie, and she loved every minute of it. It wasn’t easy for her to decide to leave town and her job, but she thought she needed some space between her and Mason. Now, with Mason’s daughter so ill, Annajane is drawn right back into the family fold. Half the Bayless family is thrilled while the other half – including Mason’s fiancĂ© – want her gone… like yesterday.

However, Mason and Annajane’s feelings are rekindled and despite some outside interference, they intend to give themselves a second chance at happiness.

I listened to this one on audio and I absolutely loved it. What a fun book! The narrator, Kathleen McInerney, is wonderful. She drew me right in and I was never distracted. Sometimes listening to audios in the car can be distracting but not in this case. I grew to love some of the characters and hate others, but that’s how the reader is supposed to react to them.

I’ve listened to other books by this author before and her books are such a joy to listen to. It makes for a very relaxing drive.

I don’t usually rate audios with 5 kitties, but I’m going to do it with this one. I loved it too much not to give it 5 kitties!

FTC Disclosure: I took this audio out from the library for my own enjoyment. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I'm not a fan of audio...but I would love to read this one. Thanks for your review!

  2. I listened to Savannah Blues, and really liked it. Then I tried Deep Dish and didn't like it at all. Sounds like I need to give Andrews another try!


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