Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday/Monday Posts: May 29th and 30th

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Happy Sunday!

For those celebrating Memorial Day this weekend, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.  It's beautiful weather here and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

I just started checking out Pinterest.  I had an account and some boards, but haven't really been keeping up with it.  Now, I'm adding some of my favorite book covers to it.  If you'd like to follow me, the button is on my sidebar.  I just love looking at book covers :)

I've been reading some really good books, but I'm finding audios a bit difficult.  I'm realizing that it's hard for me to pay attention to cozy mysteries or any kind of suspense book on audio.  I'm better off with non-fiction or women's fiction.  Liane Moriarty books seem to work well for me on audio.

I'm continuing to catch up with my TV shows that ended this season.  Soon I'll be up to binge watching on Netflix.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Does anyone watch Bloodline?  That looks good.

Other than that, I'm just relaxing on this three day weekend.

So, what has everyone else been up to?  Read any good books? Seen any good shows or movies? I hope you all have a great week!


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Monday:  Review:  A Wicked Design by Brian Kavanagh

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Tuesday:  Spotlight:  Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

Thursday:  Blog Tour:  The Madness of Mercury by Connie di Marco (Review)

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What was your week like? What are you reading this week?


  1. I have to take a look at Bloodline

  2. I don't know these books but I hope you enjoy them all :)

    Sofia @ SofiaLovesReading

  3. The Madness of Mercury looks fun, and I liked the Liane Moriarty books I read. I just finished the second season of Bloodline and I like it- it is a little slow paced, I hear that a lot, but I like watching these dysfunctional characters. I think it's a fun show. Great acting.

    I liked Caught Read Handed but haven't read Read to Death yet.

  4. Oh, gorgeous covers on your books. I can't imagine audio, as I would get too distracted or lost...

    I love Bloodline. I started watching Season II yesterday, and I'm halfway finished. I like that Sissy Spacek is the matriarch, and in Season I, we got to see Sam Shepard as the patriarch.

    Set in Florida, it's got secrets, mysteries, murder....whatever you want or could imagine.

    Enjoy your weekend, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  5. I just finished Murder with Ganache by Lucy Burdette on Thursday so I'm only a little ways into my next book, A Biscuit, A Casket by Liz Mugavero. I was intrigued by Cardiac Arrest and went to check it out on Amazon. It sounds great so it went right on my Wish List! Have a wonderful long weekend!!

  6. I think I mostly listen to cozies on audio I love them that way but everyone is different. :) I will take a mystery anyway I can get it

    I have heard that Bloodline is good but not tried it. Have you ever watched Longmire, it's my favorite show, my dad loves it too. It's a crime show with a old fashioned type law man. Can't wait for Netflix to put season five on since it's a netflix show now. :)

    Happy reading!

    Week in Review

  7. I've heard good things about Bloodlines! I'm watching The Blacklist right now but I think Bloodlines is going to be next. I haven't listened to a cozy yet but I have listened to straight mysteries with mixed results. Have a great week and enjoy your books! I have Tea Cups and Carnage coming up soon and I can't wait!

  8. I am addicted to Pinterest, I one point I had hundreds of boards but I have reigned myself in now!

    Have a great week and enjoy your new reads!

  9. Bloodlines is really good. I haven't seen s2 yet, because I'm trying to finish all my season finales first, but I highly recommend it.

  10. I don't listen to audiobooks very often. I need words in front of my eyes to really engage. Enjoy Pinterest and your Netflix finds. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  11. The Madness of Mercury looks very cute. I hope you enjoy your books this week.

    My It's Monday! What Are You Reading? post.

  12. Audiobooks do take concentration, sometimes my mind wanders off! I like Lianne Moriarty on audio but have some in paperback to read as well. I have Three Wishes but not had time to get to it as yet.

  13. Yvonne, I hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend. I enjoy listening to audio books, but mostly in the car. My reading lately has been sporadic, unfortunately. Enjoy your reading in the week ahead!

  14. Bloodline is planned for summer watching in the evenings.


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