Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Spotlight: Romancing the Singer by Cami Checketts

Two superstars, two lonely hearts, and the storm that tears them apart.
Don't miss this Return to Snow Valley Romance by bestselling inspirational author, Cami Checketts.
Daisy Castleton hasn’t
been home since she won 
Singing with the Stars and a huge
recording contract, but where else do you escape from the tabloid sharks when
you discover you have throat cancer? Daisy wants nothing more than to disappear
as she faces the fact that she may never sing again. Between family issues and
an impossible to ignore attraction to her childhood hero, Daisy can’t catch a
break. After all, how do you stop yourself from falling in love with
the perfect guy? 
Jamison Hall came home
to Snow Valley after a successful career in the European Basketball
Association. When he literally runs Daisy off a hiking trail with his horse, he
discovers a connection and love he’d never imagined. But Daisy is like a
beautiful fairy: always out of reach and afraid even the best of men will burn her
Can they survive a snow storm and the media storm, together?

Snow Valley Romances by Cami Checketts

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