Saturday, January 11, 2020

Review: Lykoi Larceny by Katherine Hayton

Cozy Mystery


Release Date:
October 15, 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads:

With Christmas fast approaching, Marjorie Hardaway has a new Lykoi kitten to shelter. Shadow's owner was found dead and she must keep the expensive kitten safe until the authorities complete their investigations. The problem is her permanent cat Monkey Business doesn't like the new arrival. If she can't rehouse him soon, one of them will have to go, and it won't be the chocolate Persian!

To add to her usual juggling act, Marjorie is also baking for the community centre. They're hosting the annual foster family Christmas party, an event stuffed to the gills with presents, food, and good company.

But when the Christmas gifts generously donated for the foster children are stolen, Marjorie can't stand idly by and let the kids go without. With the entire community already on edge, it'll take a Christmas miracle for them to band together and find the culprits, all while ensuring the annual celebrations go ahead.

My Review

Marjorie Hardaway is busy helping the community center get ready for Christmas. The last thing she expected to find was her former accountant dead. To add to her surprise, he left behind a Lykoi kitten - a very rare and expensive kitten. Marjorie agrees to house the kitten at her kitty cafe until the police find out if anyone wants to claim the cat. Much to Marjorie’s dismay, her own Persian is not happy with the new cat and wants him gone.

When the community center’s Christmas gifts for the foster children go missing, Marjorie takes action. She and her friend, Esme, try to raise money for new gifts.

Things aren’t as peaceful as they should be at this time of year with a thief and a murderer on the loose. Marjorie plans to do what she can to assist the police in finding the culprits.

This is the third book in this adorable series. It oozes with charm.  I’ve enjoyed them all. I feel as if I’ve become friends with these characters. I want more!  I hope the author continues this series.

These are quick reads with realistic characters. It’s set in a kitty cafe in New Zealand. For a short story, the mystery keeps you guessing and there’s quite a bit going on from the first page to the last. I think these are the perfect books to spend a couple of hours of enjoyment.

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Disclosure:  I borrowed this one from the Kindle Unlimited library . All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. This is a new to me author. I'll be checking the series out.

  2. I'll be adding these the series to my cozy list. It sounds so fun and what an adorable cover. I'm reading more of the Cozy Corgi series and having loads of fun with them.


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