Saturday, November 22, 2008

Once Upon A Thanksgiving by Holly Jacobs

Genre: Romance, Harlequin American Romance

Samantha Williams had her hands full. She had a full time job, four kids and a cat to take care of, what more could she possibly handle? Try being volunteered to coordinate the school’s Thanksgiving pageant. It didn’t help when she found out her ex-husband had a new girlfriend who was spending time with her children. Then, she gets summoned to the principal’s office and her world is turned upside down.

Harry Remington took the job of interim principal to help out a friend. When he comes face to face with the mother of one of the children, who happens to be an old childhood friend of his, Harry is quite happy with his temporary position and hopes to reacquaint himself with Samantha.

Obstacles are tossed in Samantha and Harry’s path when her oldest son begins to resent Harry’s presence in their lives and Harry’s mother sticks her nose into their relationship, not to mention that Harry’s job will soon come to an end and he’ll have no choice but to leave town. How could they possibly hope to make this relationship work?

This is a real “feel good” book. I curled up in bed and devoured it. The characters were not only realistically portrayed, but they were people you could fall in love with and care about. I cheered for this couple to get together – it’s the perfect holiday book. I’ve always adored Holly Jacobs’ writing and this book was no exception! Book #2, Once Upon A Christmas will be out in December – I’ve already put it on my “to be bought” list.

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