Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wife in the North by Judith O'Reilly - Review

The author is faced with a huge decision – staying in the city of London that she loves dearly or moving to the northern wilds where her husband wants to live. She chooses to leave city life and go with her husband. This means uprooting her two young children, not to mention that she is pregnant with their third child.

Judith quickly realizes that city and country life are very different. Even finding a good cup of coffee can be difficult. We follow Judith through her trial and tribulations, desperately trying to carve out a new life for her family, but it is far from easy. Things become harder as her husband is called away from home often for business. She finds herself left behind with the arduous task of raising three children and trying to fit in with her new neighbors, when what she really wants is to return home to London. It’s hard to know how any of us would react under the same circumstances, but she makes the best of the situation.

Judith O’Reilly gives the reader a pleasant glimpse into the life of a mother and wife, who is trying to get her family adjusted to a new lifestyle. Readers will laugh, as well as shed a few tears, with Judith as she struggles to adapt to country life. I think many women will find themselves able to identify with her struggles and have a deep understanding and empathy for all she goes through. O’Reilly weaves humor and emotions into one well-crafted story that will leave everyone wanting more.

Ms. O’Reilly has her own blog at http://www.wifeinthenorth.com/ I’ve read a bit of it and it makes for interesting reading. I've also posted some articles I've received from her publicist that I thought you might enjoy reading.

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