Sunday, September 27, 2009

Musing Mondays - Wish Lists

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about your wishlist…

Do you keep a book wishlist, either on paper, Amazon/etc, or via a book database site (Shelfari, GoodReads, LibraryThing)? If yes, do you share this list with others (especially coming up to Christmas)?

This is an easy one. I do keep a wishlist, but mine is all in a little notebook that I carry around in my pocketbook. I don't keep it online. If anyone wants to give me books for a gift, they usually give me a giftcard. The best part of a gift like that is for me to go browsing in a bookstore :)

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  1. If I carried my wish list around with me, I'd be carrying the equivalent of another novel. LOL! My wishlist is at amazon and is simply appalling at this point. :-)

  2. I love gift cards to bookstores! That's my preferred bookish gift. :-) I do keep a wish list online on Amazon. I have another on on an Excel spreadsheet, but I always forget to update it.

  3. I have mine in my journal. Like you, I keep it with me always..

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  4. My wish list is pretty long so I would be horrible about carrying it around. Giftcards are the best!

  5. Library Thing is my first choice for all my bookish needs, so I have started using it for my wishlist advantage is that anyone I know who might want to buy me a gift, say a book, can access it.

  6. I have a little notebook I carry around with me too.

  7. I have a notebook in my purse as well, plus an Amazon wishlist!

  8. That is the problem by using a computer spreadsheet, it is not easy to carry around and I have to rely on my memory.


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