Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Into You by Sandra Hill

Genre: Romance

Former nun turned poker champion, Grace O’Brien is surprised when her best friend Angel Sabato asks her to marry him. She loves Angel, but only as a friend. She’s not ready to take their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, Angel is heartbroken and has no intentions of hanging around Louisiana to be reminded of what he can’t have, so he leaves town.

Meanwhile, Grace works with the local folk healer, Tante Lulu and together they create a foundation to help victims of Hurricane Katrina who have not been able to get back on their feet since that horrible storm struck their homes years ago. Tante Lulu, who practices matchmaking on the side, uses this opportunity to reunite Grace and Angel.

After being away for a year, Angel decides he’s going to try again with Grace. She’s the one woman he could never get out of his mind and he’s more in love than ever. However, Grace puts up one stumbling block after another. She’s scared to death that Angel will learn about Grace’s secret past and won’t want anything to do with her ever again.

I love Angel. He is everything you’d want in a romance hero. Grace is a strong and fiery heroine, although a few times I wanted to shout at her for hurting Angel. Tante Lulu is a riot. She had me laughing, what a great character. She also appears in other books by Sandra Hill. Overall, this was a fun book.

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