Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Chocolate Snowman Murders by Joanna Carl

Genre: Cozy Mystery

This is one of my favorite cozy series and I always read the books as soon as they come out in paperback.

Lee McKinney Woodyard, one of the owners of TenHuis Chocolade, is back and involved in another murder. Lee and her husband, Joe, are members of a committee responsible for setting up the Winter Arts Festival in the small town of Warner Pier, Michigan. After Lee has a run in with the art show’s guest juror, he turns up dead. Lee and her husband are the prime suspects.

When another committee member is murdered, things get really sticky. Lee even has to fight off a killer snowman. Lee and Joe race against the clock to find out who the real killer is before someone else is murdered before Christmas.

This is a fun series, but it always leaves me craving for chocolate. Joanna Carl even includes chocolate trivia throughout the book. It’s not my favorite book in the series, but it’s a quick read and fun to read at this time of year.


  1. mmm chocolate is never wrong :)
    Killer snowman..oh wow

  2. Now you've got me craving chocolate. LOL This sounds like a fun series.


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