Monday, December 28, 2009

Mailbox Monday - December 28th

Two books this week.

Killed by Clutter is part of a cozy series that I just started and looks really good.

Melinda and the Wild West is from a contest I won. I've been dying to read this one as it looks excellent.


  1. Killed by Clutter sounds like my kind of book. Gonna check it out at Amazon.

  2. Unfortunately, I can relate a little too much to the title Killed by Clutter. Will look forward to your review.

  3. Killed by Clutter does sound good! I can't wait to read your thoughts on it as well as Melinda and the Wild West.

  4. Happy Reading! And Happy New Year!

  5. Killed By Clutter does sound like a good one, one that could easily be my life right about now! :)

    Happy Monday!

  6. I can so relate to Killed By Clutter right now! The Wild West book sounds good too. Both are going on my wishlist. Happy Reading!

  7. Killed by clutter looks super cute. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Come back anytime.
    Bloody Bad


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