Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sunday Salon - Review: Unexpected Gifts by Holly Jacobs

Harlequin Superromance #1601, November 2009

Eli Cartwright’s career is devoted to counseling her pregnant teenage students and helping them cope with finding out they are about to have a child. At 44, Eli’s career is established and she’s involved in her own relationship. She knows exactly where life is headed and it’s not in the direction of a family – or so she thought! The day Eli discovers she’s pregnant, she’s stunned to say the least.

When Eli informs her boyfriend of the unexpected pregnancy, he makes no bones about not wanting to be a father. He wants nothing to do with the baby and quickly walks out of Eli’s life. Although she didn’t plan to have a child, she discovers that she truly loves this baby and wants to be a mother. She is determined to go it alone, if that’s what it takes.

A colleague of hers, Zac Keller, is overjoyed to learn Eli has broken up with her boyfriend. He’s loved her from afar for a long time. Hearing of her pregnancy doesn’t hamper his love for the beautiful teacher, but Eli’s not sure she’s ready for another relationship. Having a child is more than she can deal with right now.

Each chapter has some advice for teenagers who are pregnant and the same advice can be applied to older women as well. It’s a very nice touch.

Holly Jacobs is a wonderful author who never disappoints. Her stories are heartwarming, realistic and special. This is a fast-paced book. Readers will fall in love with these characters. I know I did. Ms. Jacobs is an author whose books I seem to read almost as soon as they are released. She’s that good! This is one of those “feel good” stories.

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