Sunday, December 20, 2009

Her Christmas Wish by Cindi Myers

Harlequin American Romance #1287, December 2009-12-20

Genre: Romance

In an attempt to be a little daring, do something new and meet the man of her dreams, Alina Allinova leaves her homeland of Croatia and gets a job as a respiratory therapist in the United States. She only has a visa for a year, but she’s hoping she’ll make the best of that year. Unfortunately, she doesn’t meet anyone interesting until her time in the U.S. is almost over.

Paramedic Eric Sepulveda plans to go to medical school. Those plans do not include getting involved in a serious relationship. When he meets Alina, he wants nothing more than to be in a relationship with her but he knows it can’t go any further than a casual friendship. However, his heart isn’t following his well thought out plans.

Between Alina’s limited time in the United States, Eric’s plans for the future, Alina’s beloved grandmother’s prediction that a blond man is the key to her happiness (Eric is dark haired) and both sets of their parents not being supportive of the relationship, things are not looking good for this love struck couple.

This is a sweet Christmas story with two genuinely nice people looking for some Christmas magic. It’s a quick read and another of those “feel good” books. I seem to be reading a lot of them lately :)

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