Monday, October 25, 2010

Musing Mondays - How many books?

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This week’s musing asks…

About how many books (roughly) would you say you own? (If you don’t have a clue how many, do you care to know? Why, or why not?

My answer...

I hate this question because I have embarrassingly large amount of books. I keep track with an Excel spreadsheet so I know I have approx 10,000 unread books. I also have a couple of full shelves of books in my basement of books I have read. These are from the days when I would keep books.

Since I bought my Nook in March, I've collected about 600 books for it. Most of them are freebies. These I haven't listed in Excel.

I guess I'm never going to worry that I have nothing to read whether it's in print or on my ereader.

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  1. WOW... my library of books is much smaller, however, I don't keep to many books once I read them.

  2. I thought mine was out-of-control! LOL

    Actually, I had more, but gave away most of the mass market paperbacks and some of the others when I moved almost four years ago.

    I still have way too many for my small living space!

    I have a lot of movies, too.

    Here's what I wrote:

    Click on my name for the link....

  3. I am going to show my husband your post. He is sure no one has more books than me!

  4. ..that many..oh..well then I am in the clear, I am still in the early hundreds

  5. OMG!!! I thought I was bad with 800 or so....

  6. Oh holy hell! O.O ....that many wouldn't fit in my house... but I wouldn't own the Elysian field of books. Check out my Musing ON Monday answer.

  7. I thought I had a lot! 10K? WOW! I guess you know what it feels like to have a true TBR mountain! :)

  8. Oh wow! I would love to have that many books! But my place is way too small! Here is mine:

  9. 10,000 ????? OMG. I thought the 650 I had was bad....LOL


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