Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Salon - Almost a Reading Slump!

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After reading the Midnight Kiss anthology, I must have picked up 3 or 4 books and I couldn't get into any of them. I hate reading slumps and I was sure a big one was on the way, but then I chose a Harlequin Intrigue and I was immediately pulled in. Now, I can't wait to see what I'm going to read next. I think I may have gone too "review happy" and just couldn't deal with another review. Maybe I just wanted a book that was for fun and maybe even part of a couple of reading challenges.

I was curious to see how everyone deals with reading slumps (I'm sure everyone has one at one time or another.) What do you think causes them and how to you snap out of it?

I'm convinced my problem is what I call "deadline" reading. Sometimes they are fun, but sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and the experience becomes more of a chore than fun. Reading is supposed to be my hobby, not my job. I have one of those already :) It's my own fault for getting myself into these things, nobody is forcing me and nobody really puts any deadlines on me either. I do that to myself.

This time was an easy one because the slump didn't last past a few hours - LOL - but there have been times it lasted much longer than that. I think the best way for me to deal with it is to read something that's totally for pleasure and not for a review. At least that's what worked this time.

How about you?

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  1. Oh, you find the BEST cat pix! Love that one...

    I agree about the reading slumps. Yesterday, I was pushing myself to finish the two books that were part of my reading week (and with Read-A-Thon in mind, even though I didn't officially enter), and I found myself rereading passages because I was so distracted!

    I finished the two books, but I can't say that I enjoyed them. My next one will be for fun! I like that neat trick.

    Here's my salon in case you'd like to visit:

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  2. Mine has lasted more than a month. I did read in the readathon but in the last 12 hours, I read only 110 pages. That too of Stieg Larsson's third book. It ought to have held my interest. I don't think I am over it as yet. Let's see.

    Do whatever pleases you. Don't force reading. It did not work with me.

  3. I think I have avoided them cos I have had such good books lately, cos if there is like 2 bad ones in a row, yeah not good

  4. That's exactly how I feel about it too. I've tried to limit myself to just a couple of review copies a month, but then got a few all at once from LibraryThing, Goodreads and some unsolicited copies that I was excited about but not planning on. Suddenly I was feeling very overwhelmed. Impulse reads definitely do the trick for me.

  5. Thinking you have to read is part of the problem. I think a lot of book bloggers have slumps from time to time--they are nothing to worry about.

    Adorable photo, Yvonne!

  6. I love that picture you end with, Yvonne. My cats have tried that a few times without much success either. :-)

    I hate reading slumps too. Argh. I am glad you were able to find something to sink your teeth into after all though. Usually when I fall into a slump I will distract myself by turning to other hobbies and interests, particularly ones I've neglected because of my reading spurts. Sometimes catching up on my magazine or short story reading helps as well.

  7. That cat is great!

    Yes, I had the same problem when I was doing reviews. They sort of stack up and start to threaten you. The pages rustle when your back is turned. There's a strange sound, almost like the books are talking about how slothful you are...they change shape and start to resemble...homework!!!

    It can be quite terrifying. Your best bet is to not let keep them too close together. Definitely read some that aren't for review!!! Then the books calm down. They'll stop whispering...

  8. At the beginning of the year, my goal was to dratstically reduce the number of books I agreed to review and it has been a great year of reading. It is so hard to turn them down, but the feeling of not "having to get this book read" is wonderful. Glad you slump did not last too long.

  9. *ugh* the dreaded reading slump.
    I try to switch genres up. I do get into slumps when I'm just reading books with a review deadline as well. I pressure myself too much.

  10. I haven't been suffering from a reading slump but rather a writing/reviewing slump. Also not good. :-P Still not sure I've pushed my through it but I hope so!


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