Friday, July 22, 2011

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - Week 20

This is a fun meme and it's hosted by Hilary at Feeling Beachie. Check out her lovely blog, if you'd like to participate.

This week’s statements

1. I probably worry way more than I should (I don't know why...lately I worry about everything and it accomplishes nothing. Most of the things aren't even worthy of worrying about.)

2. I just tried dark beer for the first time and wasn't thrilled.

3. If I had to have a large flower bouquet with only one type of flower in it, it would be made of red roses. I love red roses. They are so pretty.

4. I have a Snuggie but I never use it. My robe is warmer.

Funny Pictures - Smart Cat
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  1. Some times I can be a worrier also. I find when something begins worrying me, it is mighty difficult to get it out of my head.

  2. I have been trying to get over my worrying tendancies.. sometimes I can, and other times, not so much!

  3. I'm wondering sometimes if you're checking my answers before you answer yours (just kidding!) But seriously - this worrying stuff is ridiculous don't you think? I mean seriously -- is it going to change anything when all is said and done? Not really!

  4. I don't like any beer that's dark either. I will drink an amber, those are pretty good.


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