Saturday, July 16, 2011

Foxy’s Tale by Karen Cantwell and L.B. Gschwandtner

Chick Lit, Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal


Novelette Books

Release Date:
March 2011

Single mom and former beauty queen, Foxy Anders, hasn’t had an easy life but she’s doing the best she can to make ends meet. After a messy divorce, she opens an antique shop in Washington D.C.’s fancy DuPont Circle. She hopes to sell her merchandise to the wealthy people living in the area.

Foxy’s teenaged daughter, Amanda, is sick and tired of her mother’s antics. Her mom does nothing that Amanda expects a mom to do like cook and take care of their house. To make matters even worse, Foxy goes on shopping sprees and spends money they don’t have. Amanda takes her frustrations out in her blog, where she lets her feelings be known to all…that is, if anyone is really reading it.

Things get really crazy when Foxy rents out two apartments in their building. One goes to Knot (pronounced Kuh-not) who becomes Foxy’s best salesman. Of course Knot has a few quirks of his own – he has a shoe fettish and has a thing for a wealthy political figure. The other apartment goes to Myron Standlish, an older Yiddish-speaking gentleman with a refrigerator full of bottles of blood.

When Amanda becomes involved with Nick, a fellow high school student, she’s shocked to see him being stalked by an older woman and Nick is doing nothing about it. She has to wonder if perhaps he’s interested in the older woman, but she’s stunned when she learns exactly how old this person is. She confides in Knot and Myron, since she’s convinced her mother’s failed love life wouldn’t be of any help.

Meanwhile, Foxy is going through her own romantic issues when she meets a guy she’s convinced is the man of her dreams. But, when she meets his fiancé, she knows she has once again made a bad choice in choosing men.

This is a cute book which has a little bit of everything – romance for adults as well as young adults, comedy, and a touch of paranormal. The book has characters you will really come to care about. I know I did. An old Yiddish vampire? Too funny. You might not want to read this one in public or people will wonder why you are laughing out loud. This is the first book of a series “The Reluctant Vampire” and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

FTC Disclosure: The author provided me with a copy of this book to review. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Who would not like that cartoon cover :D
    Lol, so fun

  2. Just finished a book called "The Raising", a very good summer read. I also just finished "Left Neglected", wonderful book about those who suffer a right hemisphere brain injury and the recovery process, told in novel form, excellent.

  3. I have to read this. SOunds like great fun.


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