Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Salon - It's Hot Out There!!!

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We're in the midst of a heatwave here in New York, as most of the rest of the U.S. is experiencing as well. We started with 103 degrees on Friday and it's been hovering near 100 all weekend. It's sweltering, you can feel the steam when you walk outside. So, I haven't been going out much. My air conditioning works really well :)

First, I'd like to thank Cheryl at CMash Loves to Read for making me her Shining Star this week. I'm so honored by this. Cheryl has such a great blog. If you haven't checked it out, you really should.

You'd think I'd be catching up on my reading since I've been inside from the heat, but I haven't. I think I'm in a reading slump which I'm attributing to the overwhelming amount of reviews I have waiting for me. Not only can't I catch up, but I'm a very moody reader and sometimes I just want to read for enjoyment. Right now, I'm in a cozy mood and I think it's making it harder for me to read anything that's not a cozy.

I thought I'd ask this - how long does it take for you to get to a review? Has it ever taken several months? Nobody is putting any pressure on me, it's something I'm doing to myself. Do you guys ever experience this? What do you do about it? I just started to read a cozy which I've been wanting to read and I think it helped with my slump, a little bit.

Because of my slump, the only book I finished was an audio "Dead Reckoning" by Charlaine Harris. It now completes my Sookie Stackhouse reading challenge. I still have to write up the review and post it.

That wraps my week up in a's 9:30 in the morning and it's already 84 degrees with a heat index of 90. It's crazy! I only like this weather when I'm on vacation in the tropics :)

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. I've been in a cozy mood too, reading a bunch of them this summer. Great reads. Hope it cools down soon in NY as it did here.

  2. Yvonne: Thank you for being my guest today. You truly are a Shining Star. And I know what you mean by being in a too. I have read 1 book this month :( Enjoy your special day!!

  3. I say read for fun - those review books will be there when you have a chance to get to them.

  4. We are breathing a sigh of relief as it is 77 degrees here today. As my review style is a few sentences about my thoughts, I try to write them right away before I pick up another book. So far it has worked to keep me up-to-date on my reviews.

    Congrats on being a Shining Star.

  5. 103 for today and the next two days here in Texas.

  6. Congrats! A well deserved recognition! Love Socrates and your blog! Enjoy!!
    McGuffyAnn/McGuffy's Reader

  7. As far as reviews go, I don't really receive very few books that I need to review. I don't ask for books in exchange for a review. If an author contacts me and asks if I will read their book, and than review it. I usually google it first and then decide if I think I would read it and review it. I really read just for my own entertainment, so I like choosing my own books.

    Congratulation Ms. Shining Star.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Gigi Ann - I pretty much do the same thing. I only accept books I think I'll enjoy. It's when they get to be so overwhelming that I'm pulling my hair out. LOL

  9. This heat wave has been crazy! We spent all of last week on vacation at the lake so that was refreshing.

    It can take me several months to get to a review sometimes. There's just not enough hours in the day.


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