Thursday, December 13, 2012

Booking Through Thursday - Contemplation

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This week's question...

So … you’ve just finished reading a book. For the sake of the discussion, we’ll say it was everything a book should be—engaging, entertaining, interesting, thought-provoking. The kind you want to gush over. The question is—do you immediately move on to your next book? Or do you take time to contemplate this writerly masterpiece and all its associated thoughts/emotions/ideas for a while first?

My answer...

Unfortunately, these days, I have no time for contemplation. No sooner do I finish reading a book then I have a review or tour scheduled and I have to get started reading the next one.

Even before I started reviewing, I don't think I actually savored a book before going to the next one. I think I always went to the next one. I found the problem was if I read a really great book, then went to the next one - I couldn't get into the next book right away. No matter how good it is, it was never able to measure up to the first one that I read and loved. Yet, I still never gave myself much time between books.

How about you?


  1. I start reading another book, no time as you say. I spend time thinking about the book when I post a review.

  2. I like to post my thoughts and move right on to the next book.

  3. I do like to immediately review a book once I'm finished; then I can let go and move on.

    Later, I might go back and reread my review to reflect on the book, if it's one of those reads that linger in my mind.


  4., maybe for 5 seconds

  5. I just answered this on Gigi Ann's blog, so I'll give my "condensed version" here. :)

    I need a bit of time between books....

  6. Too many books out there calling my name! I move right on to the next one.

  7. My next book usually starts right away.

  8. When I finish a really good book, I have to take time to let it sit awhile before I can move on. Otherwise, I have trouble getting into the next book I read. The exception is when it's a series book and I have the next book in the series ready to read--then there's no waiting and I dive right in!

    I do know what you mean though. When you are on deadline, it can be harder to allow for space between books.

  9. I move on right away. I do take time to consider the aspects I enjoyed or what made my last read a good book. I make note of favorite authors but move on asap as I am a speed reader so am constantly reading! I usually have 5-6 books I read at one time as I read so much.

  10. Like you, if I don't take a mini break after reading a great book, it takes me a while to get into the next book. Its hard to find time in between books with so many review deadlines.

  11. If a book resonated with me, it will still be on my mind, but I pretty much move on to the next one.
    2 Kids and Tired Books BTT

  12. I sometimes write my notes on the book I have read. Sometimes I just take a break. Sometimes if the book did not mean much to me, I just jump to the next. Nowadays I do not even get as much time to read as I used to.


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