Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blog Tour: A Beastly Scandal by Shereen Vedam (Spotlight and Giveaway!)

A Beastly Scandal
Fairytale-inspired Regency romances
Book 1 of 4
Shereen Vedam

Genre: Regency Romance

Publisher: ImaJinn Books

Book Description:


Lady Annabelle Marchant was a belle of the ball in London until she used her psychical senses to save a man’s life.  She failed miserably, leaving him dead and her disgraced.  All she wants now is a chance to comfort his widow by cleansing the woman’s home of her husband’s restless spirit.  But the widow’s son, the beastly Lord of the Manor, accuses her of coming to the wilds of Cheshire to snag him as a husband.  Thoroughly disgusted, she is bent on proving him wrong.


Lord Rufus Marlesbury, the Earl of Terrance, is suspected of murdering his father.  He has come home to clear his name by finding the real killer before the new year or the king has promised that Rufus will be called in front of the House of Lords to answer for the crime.  He does not have time to waste fending off a marriage-minded miss who has inveigled an invitation to his home by playing on his grief-stricken mother’s worst fears.


With an unruly manor ghost terrorizing the occupants and corpses piling up in the village, Belle must find a way to see the man beneath the beast and Rufus must learn to believe in the love of a woman who has no reason to trust him.  Only by working together can they stop a vengeful ghost before it torments the guests or before the killer strikes again.


About the Author:

Introduced to fantasy at a young age, Shereen's reality is merely a starting point to other realms. 

Her world is populated with little people with agendas, elements that talk and spells that rarely work as designed. Her heartwarming historical tales have a healthy dollop of mystery mingled with heart-melting romance, all stirred with a pinch of magic. In her brand new fairytale-inspired Regency romance series, she brings you four beloved fairytales, with a new twist. 

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  1. Yvonne,
    Thank you so much for this Spotlight opportunity.
    I'm a cat lover, too,and have had several over the years. The oldest was 23 years old, and I still miss her. The current one is 8 and an angel.
    Thanks again for inviting me to your blog. It's looks like a really friendly place to stop by.

    1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this. Wow, 23 years old? That's amazing.

  2. This book and feature is captivating and special. This novel would be wonderful and entertaining. How talented and creative. Best wishes.saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Sounds very interesting! I will definitely check it out! Thanks!

  4. Thanks traveler and Amber. Glad you could drop by. :-)

  5. Thank you for hosting this terrific giveaway, Yvonne! This series sounds captivating.

  6. I'm very glad Yvonne let me do a Spotlight here, too!

    Glad you could drop by, Suko.

    Good luck with the giveaway!

  7. Love fairytales and historical romances. So your book is a must-read for me, Shereen.

  8. Good to hear, Jacqui, thanks for dropping by.


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