Monday, May 4, 2015

Review: Romeow and Juliet by Kathi Daley

Cozy Mystery


Kathi Daley Books

Release Date:
January 2015

Caitlin Hart helps her aunt run the Harthaven Cat Sanctuary on Madrona Island. Cait and her friend Tara are planning to open their own business called Coffee Cat Books where part of their café will be set up to adopt cats. First, they need to find the perfect location and then they need to get a loan.

As they shop for a location, Cait and her canine best friend Max stumble upon a dead body. Although the location is perfect for their business, all thoughts of opening up a café there get pushed aside as Cait and her friends search for a murderer. To add to their urgency, Cait’s aunt is suffering from an illness, which means Cait needs to help her out more. To say Cait has her hands full is putting it mildly.

Then, a stray cat named Romeow follows her home. Cait and Max are more than welcoming to their new feline friend, but Romeow is quite taken with an influential neighbor’s beautiful cat Juliet. The problem? Juliet is an expensive show cat and the neighbor doesn’t want a stray anywhere near her. It’s up to Cait to find a way to keep the cats apart.

Of course the fun doesn’t stop there for our amateur sleuth. An old flame returns to town to throw a monkey wrench into the works. Not to mention that Cait finds herself attracted to a new town resident, who she happens to think is a killer. Yes, Cait has many things to deal with these days.

Cait is a fun heroine, although she’s also one of those heroines who sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong. The main mystery is solved in this book, but there are a couple of loose ends that will carry over into the next book.

The idea of a coffee/books/cat adoption café intrigues me. I’ve heard of them in real life but haven’t seen one for myself. I can’t wait to see how it works out in the books. I was a bit surprised that Cait has a dog for a best friend. I love all animals, including dogs, but with her business being about cats and even her aunt’s business being about cats, I would think she’d have a couple of her own. No matter, I loved seeing Romeow drive her crazy.  I would have liked more cat interaction though, but I love cats and would probably be happiest if the book was 100% about cats.  LOL  That's just a personal issue :)

The secondary characters all have great potential and I look forward to learning more about them. The mystery itself could have gone in several different directions. I wasn’t really expecting it to turn out the way it did – which is a good thing. Always keep readers guessing to the end  :)

Overall, this is a light-hearted, quick read.  A solid introduction to this new series and, for me, a great introduction to Kathi Daley's books.  I've been wanting to read them for awhile.  She has a couple of other cozy mystery series out, too, that are on my TBR.

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Disclosure: I borrowed this through Amazon’s library. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love the idea of the cafe/adoption center though that sounds like a pretty dangerous place! Who can resist a kitten - especially before coffee? This book sounds like a fun read though I'm not sure about cat interaction. I'm not a huge lover of animals talking. Still this sounds like a series worth checking out. Great review!

  2. I love the title for this book, so cute!

  3. Katherine - The cats don't talk in this book. None of the animals do.


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