Sunday, May 17, 2015

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

It's been another busy week on my blog.  I keep wanting to slow down but it doesn't seem to be happening.  I'm reading many good books, so that's good :)

I'm still listening to the Agatha Raisin series.  As much as I want to shake Agatha, I'm also becoming addicted to the series in a weird kind of way.  Maybe it's just nice company while commuting to work. 

I'm so far behind on reviews and all my TV shows.  I don't know how these things happen, but they do.  Not the end of the world, though.  I've stopped stressing on being behind in everything.

May 29th is my's been 7 years!  I can't believe it's been this long.  I never expected to keep my blog going this long.  I thought it would be a quick thing that I'd be bored with in a year.  I guess not :)  I'll be doing something to celebrate, but I'm not sure exactly what.  My first day of posting was two reviews of cozies.  Very appropriate :)

I do hope everyone is enjoying the weekend - resting, relaxing, having fun, reading...whatever you are doing...Enjoy!


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What was your week like? What are you reading this week?


  1. 7 years in just a few more years? Wow, congrats!

    I like that purple chair on the cover of Death by Coffee. I hope the book is good.

    I noticed the trend in Agatha Raisin books. Don't worry about your other reviews, just enjoy reading. :)

  2. So, is Agatha getting any better in the long run ? 7 years is a long time, congrats ! I've just missed my 2 years bloggoversary last month. Have a great week ;)

  3. You've got me very intrigued about Agatha Raisin! I might have to check the series out!


  4. Happy 7 years! Fillet of Murder and Death by Coffee both look good- and nice interview with Nancy thayer. Looks like a great summer read, and maybe good gift book too.

  5. You like cozy mysteries too! I love them. You have a great selection of books! Enjoy your week.

  6. You're the second person this week becoming frustrated with Agatha Raisin. I've never read her, but I like the author's Hamish MacBeth series. However, his mopiness is getting frustrating also.

  7. I loved The Guest Cottage, and hope to get Beach Town.

    Loving GH...but don't you hate having to wait until Monday, after those Friday cliffhangers? Will Jake finally find out he is Jason?

    That has gone on too long, IMO..and the anticipation is killing me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. LOL My post sounds a lot like yours. I'm wanting to slow down but don't see a chance until maybe late JUne! You kill me with all of the awesome books you get. My book budget keeps telling me no, but "the heart wants what the heart wants!"
    My Sunday Post -

  9. I went through a phase where I read all of the Agatha Raisin books. Sorry you are so busy but glad you are reading!

  10. Wow! Congrats on 7 years! That's seriously impressive. I think being behind is my permanent location but like you I've decided to be okay with it. Especially since I don't see ever not being behind! You are flying through all the Agatha Raisin books! I've enjoyed the ones I've read though I sometimes want to reach into the book and give Agatha a good shaking. Have a great week!

  11. Seven years - that's impressive! I'm working on six, but I didn't blog very much the first few years. (I should check and see what my blogoversary is - I can't remember.)


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